I don’t know how to put this, but I’m kind of a big deal
— Ron Burgundy

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Stephen Balding

Stephen Balding is the founder and CEO of Cinema Soapbox.  Born and raised in Texas, he believes that Nicolas Cage should be in every movie, that Batman is the best superhero of all time, and that Winter is definitely Coming.  He also thinks that you should dance like at least a few people are watching.

robbie clark

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With a flair for the dramatic and an unapologetic obsession with the MCU, new contributor Robbie Clark is a Fort Worth, Texas native who is 3 for 3 in karaoke contests. As a clinically diagnosed cinephile who can’t make it through a single film without saying, “Hey, did you know…”, he considers himself lucky that he’s made it this far in life without losing any teeth. He has a background in theater, earning a BFA from UTA, and he’s also studied film production & screen writing (so he knows what he’s talking about). His hobbies include making his own films, running his podcast, looking for a paying job, and beer pong. Unfortunately, he was discovered lifeless on his couch yesterday evening with nothing in his system but brown gravy and the latest episode of the Good Place. He’s survived by his life-sized Infinity Gauntlet and more graphic t-shirts than any 32 year old should rightfully own. He’s thankful for the opportunity to be writing with Cinema Soapbox, and he’s stoked to finally use his powers for good.

josh miller


Josh Miller will rock your face off, but in the nicest way possible. A lover of fantasy books, his opinions are always honest and on point. He’ll make you laugh in general, but even more so if you take a shot of tequila to start the podcast along with us. The Cinema Soapbox Podcast co host, writer, and rock-star is always here to steal the show.

Armando Rodriguez

Armando Rodriguez currently resides in Nashville, Tennessee, the undisputed home of Hot Chicken and even hotter takes. He is married, with two sons, and appreciates a nice bourbon along with a great movie or some Game of Thrones. He thinks Jon Snow is a pansy, looks good in a suit, and thinks that Thanos has a point.



Timothy Howell

Timothy Howell is an award-winning author and lifelong fan of film. He knows that Big Trouble in Little China is a fine film, and that if you think otherwise, you’re wrong. But you already felt the wrongness deep down inside anyways.

Craving more college after a decade-long stint as a UNT Film undergrad, Tim went down to Texas State for some more learning (i.e.: binge drinking).

He holds an M.A. in Mass Communication from TX State, but sets it down before the food arrives.

When not watching movies, you can find Tim writing for various digital platforms, reading hardboiled noir books, playing softball or working on a collection of short stories.

Tim resides in Denton, with four pugs and one wife.